Xtar VC4 Charger - 4 Bay

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Xtar VC4 Charger - 4 Bay

Charge your vape batteries quickly and safely with the VC4 quad-port USB charger from Xtar. Compatible with a range of battery types and a large screen for precise and clear information.

When charging two batteries, Ports 1 and 4 will charge at 1.0Ah, and ports 2 and 3 will charge at 0.5Ah. When charging four batteries, all ports will charge at 0.5Ah. A 5V 2.0Ah power source should be used when charging four batteries.

Features overview:

  • 1A and 0.5A Charging Capabilities
  • Quad Battery Charging
  • LCD Information Screen
  • Built In Safety Features
  • Supports Multiple Battery Types

Box contents:

1 x Xtar VC4 Charger
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x Xtar Warranty Card

Compatible with:

18650, 20700, 21700 rechargeable batteries and more.

Check that your batteries are compatible before charging or using them. Never attempt to charge a faulty or damaged battery or leave batteries unattended when charging. We will not be liable for damage caused by improper use of battery chargers.