Molicel P28A 18650 2800mAh 35a - Single

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by Molicel

Molicel P28A 18650 2800mAh 25a - Single

These batteries can be paired with a wide range of 18650 vape kits and mods.

Featuring a 2800mAh capacity, a 25A continuous discharge rate and 35A peak rate - they offer a higher balance of power output to battery life making them a good choice for Sub-Ohm (DTL) vaping.

Features overview:

Top: Flat Top
Bottom: Non-Protected
Capacity: 2800mAh
Max Continuous discharge current: 25A
Max Pulse discharge current: 35A
Voltage: 3.6V
Discharge temperature range: -40°C - 60°C

Box contents:

1 x Molicel P28A 18650 2800mAh 35a Battery
1 x Battery Case

Compatible with:

18650 Battery Kits and Mods.

For your safety we recommend you only charge these batteries in an external battery charger and follow our safety guidelines. We will not be liable for damage caused by improper use or storage of batteries.