Handmade Pre-Built Coils - 2 Pack

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Handmade Pre-Built Coils - 2 Pack

Tremendous flavour and vapour production.

Handmade Alien 0.13 Ohm:
2 x 3x27x36 N80 ⌀3mm 0.13 Ohm

Handmade Alien 0.18 Ohm:
2 x 36gr N80 ⌀3mm 0.18 Ohm

Compatible with:

Rebuildable coils like these can only be used with rebuildable atomisers, such as RDTAs, RTAs and RDAs. We would only recommend these types of coils to advanced vapers, who have a thorough understanding of vaping, Ohm’s law and battery safety. Rebuildable coils will need to have cotton wicks fitted to them before use, these are available separately.

Before use, all rebuildable coils should be tested on Ohmmeter to check they are registering the correct resistance and are firing correctly. Please note that when using a dual coil build, the resistance of your coils will halve. For example, two 0.4 Ohm coils fitted to a rebuildable atomiser will register 0.2 Ohm. Different types of coil can not be mixed and matched.