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What is MTL / RDL / DTL?

MTL stands for Mouth To Lung
RDL stands for Restricted Direct Lung
DTL stands for Direct to Lung

Essentially this is the vape style a Kit or specific Coil is going to give you. MTL is a restrictive, tight inhale style similar to a cigarette draw with a small amount of vapour creation. RDL is a good middle ground if you wish to experience a fuller inhalation but without an excessive cloud production. DTL is for a full lung inhalation.

How is MTL / RDL / DTL determined?

The vape style can be determined by the Kit or Coil installed.

Some Starter Kits have a low fixed power output giving an MTL style vape experience, however if the Kit you choose is compatible with multiple coils or has variable power output you may be able to personalise you vape style.

By coil 

A low Ohm resistance coil ranging between 1.8 Ohm - 0.9 Ohm will give an MTL style vape

A resistance coil ranging between 0.8 Ohm - 0.5 Ohm will give an RDL style vape

A resistance coil ranging between 0.4 Ohm - 0.15 Ohm will give an DTL style vape

By power

All coils have a recommended power range. If your Kit has variable power you can experiment between these ranges to find the style you like BUT you should always try to stay within the recommended power ranges to get the best experience from your coil.

By airflow

If your kit has variable airflow, you can also restrict or open up the airflow to personalise your vape style.

What is VG/PG & why is e-Liquid density important?

VG and PG stand for Vegetable Glycerine and Propylene Glycol, the two base elements in an e-Liquid. VG is of a thicker density, with PG being thinner.

An MTL coil is better suited for a high PG e-Liquid - VG/PG 30/70 - 50/50

A RDL coil is better suited for an even balance of VG and PG - VG/PG 50/50 - 60/40

A DTL coil is better suited for a high VG e-Liquid - VG/PG 70/30 - 80/20

Using the right density e-Liquid for your coil and power setting will prolong your coil life, give a better vape experience and will help to prevent leaking. Using a low density e-Liquid at a high power will cause the liquid to excessively thin and leak, whilst using a high density liquid at a low power can clog your coil, cause it to burn and / or leak.

This is why most 10ml e-Liquids with nicotine pre-mixed are of a VG/PG 50/50 density as they are suited to MTL kits - high nicotine, small inhale.

Most Shortfills which are zero nicotine mixable up to 3mg with nicotine shots are of a VG/PG 70/30 density as they are suited to DTL kits - low nicotine, deep inhale.