About Us

We are an independant shop located in the beautiful riverside town of Woodbridge, Suffolk.

You can find us in the Thoroughfare next to the Red Lion.

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We opened on the 15th of June 2020 (the 1st day after the end of the 1st lockdown) and as we have since the very first day, we continue to offer the best customer experience we can.

You see, this is not just a business for us. We, not so many years ago, were both heavy smokers (no joke, we were both 40+ cigarettes a day) and although it was difficult to quit at the time neither of us look back. The important thing here though is that we had no support, even though we were purchasing from shops we lacked a lot of information that would have made our transition A LOT easier.

Very often we hear similar stories from our customers - they may have done their best and struggled through like us - or as is most often the case, just gone back to smoking only to revisit the idea of vaping years later.

For this reason, if you come to see us in store or even take your time to read through the information on this website, we hope to offer you a much easier and successful path into the world of vaping.

Read our Beginner's Guide and FAQ

If you are local or just visiting, do pop by to say hi to our (rather energetic) shop dog, Lila! She loves a stroke and always makes sure to greet every single person that comes in.